Your time to shine...

Enhance your performance experience with Encore Performance Division, the ultimate program for aspiring artists seeking more stage opportunities and advanced training.

Our expert educators and creators inspire & empower outstanding dancers to embody kindness & compassion with their boundless energy & fierce passion.

Ignite your artistic potential with Encore Performance Division!

What makes our program the best?

Why people love dancing with us...

Award-winning growth & development

We've designed our program so the dancer can see results through achievable goals, and of course trophies! Our faculty experts know what it takes to encourage progress in a nurturing, energetic environment.

Flexible, personalized programming

You choose the time commitment, classes & budget that suits your family best.

Monthly Fees Prorated

We take the cost of the whole season and prorate it over 12 months.

Our program also features:

  • Organized schedules that are communicated as far in advance as possible
  • Prioritized family time
  • 1-on-1 Confidence Coaching
  • A safe and positive environment where all members are treated equally and made to feel welcome
  • Exclusive Elite Team Training that builds morale, skills, and winning teams!

Schedule Your Assessment Today!

We are accepting dancers for competitive teams by assessment until August 1st!


Raving Family Reviews

In a recent membership survey, our Performance Division families gave us a 90% satisfaction rate on the following criteria:

  • Dancer Development
  • Scheduling
  • Value of Services
  • Customer Service
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Recommending us to others!

"Everything is included - the extra little bonuses like summer workshops and Confidence Coaching is great!"

"The scheduling and knowing upfront what is included in the membership program is fantastic."

"My daughter’s growth and skill development has been the best. She is so much more confident!"


We don't charge for assessments - so you have nothing to lose but an opportunity for a free class!